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When you think of an Emergency Locksmiths most people think of some situation of losing a key or locks needing to be added after a brake in. The truth is that Locksmiths especially Emergency Locksmith provide many more service that people often relies or use all the time.

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If you have ever walked outside your house or unit and forgotten to take your keys with you will find that you have locked yourself out, Opening locks and getting people back inside is one of the main services that our 24 hour locksmiths provide. We have a team of 5 mobile locksmiths that operate in the local area of Northmead. Our locksmith office is located in Parramatta which is only minutes away from Northmead. Our locksmiths also operate a 24 hour locksmith service in case you need the help of a locksmith in the middle of the night. Because our locksmiths are local to the Northmead area, we are knowledgeable with the local buildings and places not to mention the local traffic. There are very few apartment building that our locksmiths have not done work in, we have done work in almost every building Northmead over the years. Our locksmiths work in residential and also commercial properties and shops around the area as well. Another point to mention about our locksmiths that sets our team apart from other locksmiths is that all of our team are licensed with the security industry of NSW, Our business holds a master licence and our locksmith service also hold membership with ASIAL which is a security industry association. With full licensing and insurance you can rely on our locksmith to the best job and also rely on our locksmiths as trusted. We require our entire team of locksmiths to have built up no less than 10 years’ experience before they are eligible to join our team. This is just another example of how our locksmith are in a field of their own and the preferred choice for professional locksmith service in the Parramatta an Northmead area of Sydney – Locksmith Service Northmead 2152 To give you a better understanding of how our locksmith can serve you, we have listed some examples of situations that require the help of a locksmith and how a locksmith can resolve the problem.

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  • Leaving your keys inside you home our unit and pulling the door locked.
  • This is a simple mistake to make; we see people on a daily basis to forget and walk outside the door and forget to take the keys. There is an easy solution and an easy way to fix the problem. Our locksmith work around the clock for this reason, you never know when you may lock yourself out. We have locksmiths that can get you back inside FAST. We use a method of lock picking to unlock the door, this is like using a key and there is no need to replace your key of lock after the door has been opened, if you have a standard working lock. By calling one of our Northmead area locksmiths to help you, we will have you back inside in the fastest time possible.
  • Locks that just don’t work
  • Locks often work for many years, providing years of security, from time to time things can go wrong, such as a door frame can swell or move or the lock might just brake .Because locks are often so reliable , its often frustrating for most people when they need replacement. Most people take locks for granted. When you need a new lock, its worthwhile having a trained and qualified locksmith install the lock for you. Our locksmiths will not only install the lock for you they will also make suggestions on which lock will suit your door and which lock will give you the best protection. Trying to save a few dollars and buying a cheap lock from your local hardware is not recommended.
  • Installing Deadlocks onto unit doors.
  • Not all deadlocks are the same, just like not all timber doors are the same. In Northmead there is a large number of units, all of those units have fire doors fitted to the front of the unit. If you need a deadlock installed it recommended to have the correct deadlock installed to the door from the start. If you install the wrong lock, you strata or building fire inspection team will ask you to remove it and replace the lock with the correct lock that meets the standard fire regulations. What’s worse than is, you may need to replace the door if the door cannot be repaired. It’s wise and often cheaper to have the right lock fitted from the start. Our locksmith can help you with selecting the right lock.
  • Losing your keys
  • Small keys for small locks are often left in the draw and forgotten about. One day you may need those small keys to open a window or unlock a small padlock, only to find that the little keys have disappeared and left to go live in little land. Our locksmiths have mobile workshops that come to you, so when you call for a locksmith we send a locksmith that can make you a key on the spot. So if it’s a widow key you have lost or your mailbox key, our locksmith can reproduce that key for you on site. Trying to remove the lock or break the lock open can be difficult process that leaves you having to replace the lock. Having keys made at your place is the easiest way.
  • People steeling your mail from your mailbox
  • We have seen a number of people in the Northmead area with this problem, it seem that there are people out and about that are steeling people mail from their mailbox and they are not doing damage to the lock, so most people don’t know that they have had their mail stolen. This is a huge problem for most people, as almost all of the information is confidential and if your details fall into the wrong hands it can be used against you. Our locksmith have come up with a way to help improve your mailbox security, we are one of the few locksmiths that install security locks to mailboxes. We have a range of locks that use a round security key and our locks will fit into the same place on your mailbox without the need to make any changes to the look or the front of your mailboxes. Our lock do not have a master key that will open all the locks, our locks do not have numbers printed on the front of the lock. Our locks are simply much better than the standard mailbox locks and will give you much better protection against mail theft.
  • Changing Keys – Changing Locks
  • When you move in or move out of a place you should have your locks changed, this does not mean you need d to install new locks, and there is another way to change your locks that does not require you to purchases new locks. Another service that our locksmiths provide every day is lock changing or lock re-coding, Re-coding locks is a simple process that our locksmith do to a lock to make the lock work on a different key. When a lock is set to a different key the old key will no longer operate the lock and the new keys will. This is not only cheaper than new lock but it is also faster and less work then installing new locks. Some locks are special and finding replacement can be difficult as they are not sold in your local hardware shop. Changing locks to suit a new key if often the best answer. If you have moved into a new place or you would like to keep some one out, have you lock changed, our locksmiths take about 15 minutes or less to change a lock, which makes it a fast solution.
  • Locked Keys in your Car?
  • Another service that we provide is opening your car when you have left or locked your keys inside. Our locksmiths are able to open a wide range of cars and get you back inside. Some cars require the help of a specialist and in the event that we cannot open your car we will help you find someone that can. Our locksmith are able to open 70% of the cars on the road including heavy vehicles

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Local Locksmith. It’s not uncommon to see our locksmiths on Windsor Rd or Brains Rd, because every day our locksmith go up and down threw Northmead helping people. When you next need the help of a locksmith, we hope that you keep our service in mind, and give us the change to help you with your lock and key needs. We aim to offer solutions that give you the maximum security, but most of our entire goal is to take the problems away from locks and keys and offer you a simple and easy solution to any lock and key problem you might have. If you need more information you can call the number above, or you can post a question on the following pages. Posting questions on our site will help others get instant answers as well.

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